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Brick Sculpture

This beautiful brick sculpture represents Roan Creek Elementary essence and history. Be sure to click on About Us to learn more. More »

College and Career Ready

Roan Creek Elementary prepares students for college and career by emphasizing college and job related opportunities. More »

New Computer Lab

Roan Creek Elementary now has 3 fully equipped computer labs. More »

Kids Corral

RCE offers Kids Corral for before school and after school care. Please contact Mrs. Jessie Laing or Tammy Farrow for more information. More »


RCE Handbook 2017-2018

RCE Handbook 2017-2018

READ on the GO….

Summer is a great time for students to read! Every Roan Creek student has access to myON-an online personalized collection of thousands of enhanced digital books that can be accessed anywhere, anytime there is an Internet connection or access to a device.  Students were given login information at the end of the school year. Encourage your child to set a reading goal for the summer so they can READ on the GO!

Roan Creek Elementary School Supply List

RCE School Supply List (all grades)

RCE Parent/Student/Teacher Compact

RCE Parent/Student/Teacher Compact

RCE School Improvement Goals

RCE School Improvement Goals

In consideration of future requirements set forth by the State of Tennessee, and analysis of TCAP and Report data, the following goal targets are identified for the 2016-2017 school year:

Goal 1
Students will meet or exceed the state’s attendance rate of 93% and Johnson County School System’s rate of 95%.

Results:  Roan Creek Elementary students met and exceeded the state attendance rate of 93% and Johnson County School District goal of 95%. Roan Creek Elementary had an attendance rate of 95.7% during the 2016-2017 school year!!
Goal 2
The school level TVAAS overall composite will be at level 3 or higher in grades 2-6th.

Results: To be announced…

Goal 3
Technology skills will be enhanced in order to increase students’ College and Career Readiness.

Results: Grades K-2 utilized computer labs to enhance computer skills needed for their future goals. Grades 3-4 increased math skills with the implementation of Accelerated Math and Mountain Math.

Grades 5-6 began to personalize learning with the first steps with the CANVAS student learning platform.

Goal 4
A variety of planned, goal oriented programs will be organized and implemented to engage all parents in their children’s education.

Results: Grade level teams led several “Homework Help Nights” throughout the school year for parents.
Goal 5
Writing and vocabulary will be integrated in all content areas to enhance student learning.

Results: Teachers integrated writing throughout the curriculum with focused topics and key vocabulary.